Awards are recognition of our achievements, independently judged. So they mean an awful lot to us. We won our first CAMRA award for Padstow IPA within six months of starting production, and it remains our best-seller in bottle today.

We have since won a total of 24 awards, from CAMRA, SIBA and Taste of the West. In 2015 our Padstow Sundowner was judged as their Champion Beer by Taste of the West, a fantastic achievement against very strong well-established competition.

Taste of the West AwardsTOTW cropped

Champion Beer, 2015 (Padstow Sundowner)

Gold awards: Padstow IPA (2015) and Padstow Sundowner

Silver Awards: Padstow Pale Ale, Padstow Pride, Padstow May Day, Padstow Pilot, Padstow IPA (2014)



Bronze award, best Premium Bitter.
Falmouth 2013
Supreme Champion Cornish Real Ale, Runner Up
Falmouth 2013


Gold – Padstow May Day (2016)

Bronze – Padstow May Day (2015), Padstow Sundowner


2014 Design Awards

Winner, best individual pump clip for Padstow Pilot.
Winner, best range of pump clips.
Winner, best individual bottle label for Padstow Pale Ale.
Winner, best Total Design Concept.