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If there’s one thing for certain, we can’t make enough of our beer. Demand often outstrips supply.

We’ve bought new fermenters and extra equipment, but now the brewery is full to bursting. There’s no more room, something has to give.

Achievements to Date

Established for 7 years, with double-digit growth every year

A brand synonymous with a premium product, which now includes own-recipe cider and gin

We appeal to the craft beer fan as well as traditional ale and lager drinkers

Winner of over 27 awards, including two national titles in the past 12 months

An Opportunity

We will move to a new site with new equipment, more than doubling capacity and utilising more efficient packing equipment. This means we’ll be able to make and sell more products at improved margins.

The UK market is still very successful and has massive scope for our growth. Our modest export activity offers huge potential as craft beer popularity continues to grow worldwide

Back home we’ll have space in the new brewery for a proper tap room to host supporters, visitors and events

But When?

You’re in luck, you are in at the early stages. We are now planning, with key dates being finalised. Please register your interest, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out!

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