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Lemony Snicket comes to Padstow Brewing Co…

Wasson lovely beer people! It’s me again with another ad hock Padstow Brewing Co blog. As I am writing to you this week ‘el scorchio’ is in full swing and it is very hot and spicy in the brewery. Luckily however, nothing has exploded yet, although there has been some more vigorous fermentations than usual due to the heat.

Things have been very busy the last few months but the team has been working hard and smashing it as usual. As I write this, Simon is busy brewing in this heat and I bet he can’t wait to get in the copper for digging out spent hops and trub, Andrew will be getting ready to head out with his deliveries and whacking the AC up full, and Celia will be making sure our bottle labels are looking fab as always!

Here are a few things that I want to shout about this time:

Lemony Snicket

First up, we have Simon’s latest creation ‘Just like nan used to make’ which is our latest lemon curd kettle sour (if you want to find out what makes a kettle sour revisit our BluntRock collab blog). This beer is inspired by his nans lemon curd, my nan made great lemon curd too, I bet reading this you think… My nan made great lemon curd… So this one is for the nans!

It is full on lemons galore when taking a first sip of this beer, lemons and more lemons! We did indeed pour in a good old healthy portion of actual lemon curd too, when drinking you can just about get a taste of the curdy goodness. What it really does though, is provides plenty of sweetness to the accompany the sourness of the beer. Which brings balance and helps to tone down the tartness a little, this beer has also been compared to ‘lemon san pellegrino’, which I am inclined to agree with.

It is no doubt a fantastically refreshing beer to enjoy in this crazy heat and well timed on Simon’s part to create it now. So, if you want to enjoy some delicious lemony goodness you can do so here.

Go Man Go returns!

Yes you heard me! He’s back, one of our fan favourites ‘Go Man Go’. Since tasting this beer a few years back from our previous brewer George, I have really loved it. So, it seemed only right that I had a go (no pun intended) at bringing this beer back and hopefully doing it some justice.

Canning takes place next week and while we add the finishing touches to ‘Go Man’ I guess the flavours and characteristics that I’m hoping for, that were so good in the last iteration are…

Firstly, drinkability, for an 8% DIPA, ‘Go Man Go’ was so quaffable, I mean it definitely hit you but at the same time it crept up on you, but in a really great way. Secondly, I mean just the level of mango you got from this beer was great! Just like mango juice.

Lastly, the all-round sweetness and full bodied flavour of the beer, it really is one of my favourite DIPAs and I hope I have done George’s creation some justice, but I’ll let you be the judge of that! I would be really keen to hear from any fans of the past ‘Go Man Go’ beers.

Stay tuned Go Man Go should be available from 28/07/22.

Brewery tours, tours, tours, tours, tours

I also don’t think we’ve shouted quite loud enough about the return of our brewery tours. We love having people in to talk about the brewing process, beer history, and just about anything you lovely folks want to hear about beer!

We like to have some structure but ultimately what makes brewery tours so fun, is when people get involved and ask lots of questions. So, please do sign up for yourself or we do also have brewery tour vouchers, which work perfectly as gifts!

Tours take place once a month on a Thursday currently and this is because we are a small working brewery, meaning we can only run tours whilst production isn’t taking place. We can accommodate larger groups outside of these dates, so please drop an email to us if you’re interested.

For all brewery tour info please visit –

It’s been a blast writing this blog for you peeps and if you want to see brewery life in full swing, please do follow us on Instagram via @padstowbrewingco or indeed me @that_brewing_life