Live Beer Tasting!
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We have been dreaming of that first, post-lockdown pint.

Those dreams are getting increasingly detailed, so we decided we had better start talking about beer again - join us on Instagram Live on Friday 26th March at 8pm for a Live Beer Tasting where we talk through 3 of our newest and favourite beers - Shallow End, our 2.8% session beer - MaiBock - the best dark craft lager you will taste this year, and Sundowner 4.0, the latest and greatest in our award winning NEIPA series.

Get all the beers your need, a glass to drink them out of, and snacks, with our carefully curated Beer Tasting Boxes or just grab the beers you need in the March 4 Pack


The March 4 Pack


Beer Tasting in a Box – Essential Edition


Beer Tasting in a Box – Complete Edition

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