Our Story

Home of the only female Head Brewer (Brewster) in Cornwall, Padstow Brewing Company is run by husband and wife team Caron & Des Archer. They work together at the brewery, Caron has the best palate and loves experimenting with the myriad of different hops and malts available, while Des concentrates on the process and technology of brewing.

They had no brewing background or experience prior to starting up. They trained with Dave Lang of the Forge Brewery in Devon – one of the most respected brewers in the South West.

Brewing started in January 2013 in a converted surf shower, testing out recipe ideas. The equipment was tiny (just 100 litres or half a brewer’s barrel) but still too big for the space; only one person could get in at a time. If you weren’t inside you were out, and if it rained you just got wet. Something had to give.

They moved to their current premises in Padstow where they live, and spent Summer 2013 selling beer as fast as it was being made (which was too slowly!). So in Autumn 2013 they decided to invest in a substantial new British-built custom-made brewery.

Built by Johnson Brewing Design it uses a gas-fired copper for speed and efficiency, and heat recovery to reduce energy and environmental impact. The brewery is able to produce 10 Brewers’ barrel (around 3000 pints) per brew. Currently they can brew three times a week, making a total of around 9000 pints weekly. Spent grains go free to local farmers for animal feed, and hops for compost.”