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The 12 (Padstow) Beers of Christmas

Christmas has 12 days, and you are going to need 12 beers to enjoy them all!
There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with Padstow Brewing Co's 12 Beers of Christmas!
A mixture of bottled ale and canned craft beer, hand picked by the brewery team and concealed behind our unique "12 days" cover, so you won't know what fantastic beer each day will bring you!
They're shipped in our mail-order boxes with a perforated numbered cover - just a bit of fun! It's designed to be opened over 12 days - but we won't be upset if all of the numbers are opened at once!
This makes a perfect gift for the beer lover in your life and for £50, the price includes shipping! (The contents are already discounted and so this product is not eligible for additional discount).
These beers may contain barley and wheat, which are sources of gluten.
Mixed case gift
12 x bottles (568ml) & cans (440ml)

£50.00 inc. VAT

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