Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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What is Padstow Brewing Company?

We are a small independent brewery situated in Padstow. We brew a wide variety of different types of beers and supply these delightful brews to local pubs and restaurants around Cornwall.

Where can I get your beer?

The best place to sample our beer is in person at our dedicated Tap Room or Tasting Room in the heart of Padstow. You can also find our beers in a variety of restaurants and pubs around Cornwall.
You can also purchase our beers online here!

When are the Tap Room and Tasting Room open?

Both the Tap Room and Tasting Room are open 7 days a week. The hours are seasonal, for the most up to date hours please refer to Google,
here for the Tap Room or here for the Tasting Room!

Can I/Do I need to book a table at the Tasting Rooms?

You can book tables at either of our venues, but it’s not a necessity. However, we do recommend booking tables for events like our pub quiz, or if you are a large group as this way we can guarantee you a table. You can book tables using the link below.

Where’s my online order?

We offer next day delivery via a tracked service, however we only ship out orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any order received before 9am on the respective day should arrive on Wednesday or Friday respectively, provided there are no delays in shipping. Some orders may be delivered in more than one parcel so don’t forget to check your tracking info as they may be delivered seperately.

Can I do click and collect?

Yes! You can order online and choose click and collect before you pay. You can then collect your beers from the brewery between 9am and 11am from Tuesday to Friday.

Do you have any Gluten-Free Beers?

Yes! All of our real ales are gluten-free along with a variety of our keg beers as well.

How can your beers be gluten-free if they contain Wheat and Barley?

We brew our beers using traditional ingredients including malted barley and wheat. Once the beer is made, we then add a commercially available enzyme called Brewer’s Clarity. This enzyme removes gluten from the beer to less than 20 parts per million so that it can be called gluten-free. However, we still must list wheat and barley as allergens in the ingredients list.

Can you supply my wedding?

Absolutely! If the wedding is in Cornwall we'll supply beer of your choice - cask ale and or keg beer. We'll loan the equipment you need free of charge, but will need a refundable deposit.
If the wedding is out of county you can collect the beer from the brewery, again for a refundable deposit for the containers. Please get in touch to discuss your plans.

Unfortunately, we don't offer a full bar or bar staff, sorry.

Is my beer safe after its best before date?

All beer has a Best Before date, which is an indicator of its quality. Any beer past its date will do you no harm, assuming it's been unopened. Fresh hoppy beers are likely to have lost some of their flavour. On the other hand, darker beers tend to improve with age.

We carry out regular 'longevity testing' on beers that are 3-6 years old, to confirm that this is the case (the results are normally very good!)

How should i store my mini-keg?

Our mini-kegs are filled with draught beer for the best drinking experience. Once opened, they last 2 to 3 days before the beer starts to lose condition - we recommend you keep them cool (ales) or refrigerated (cider, lagers and craft beers) - and once opened, do not move them if possible.

You can close the vent on top between sessions to help maintain the condition.