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For Tours, Tastings and Other Events

We are running a full schedule of tours, guided tasting sessions and other events such as quizzes and live music throughout the year, so read on for more information.

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Enjoy a wide selection of draught beer and small plates of food (cocktails, spirits and wines also available) in our light and airy Duke Street venue, or visit Broad Street for a more intimate and cosy experience. We offer Guided Tastings and other exciting events all year round.
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Tasting Room Events

From quizzes to music, we are offering a full program of events during the year! Booking is advised, and more information is available via the link below.
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Our 5* TripAdvisor rated Padstow Brewing Company tour takes you through the brewing process from start to finish, with plenty of unique beers to try along the way. Find out what a hop rocket does and more! Space in our brewery is limited, so booking is advised!
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For a truly hands-on experience, spend a day with one of our brewers as they teach you the essentials of creating a Padstow Brewing Company beer. A Cornish-pasty lunch and as much beer as you can drink completes this inspiring event.

Contact us directly to book one of these unique experiences