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Thank you to our fantastic NHS Staff!

Here at Padstow Brewing Co, we are busy doing everything we can to keep supplying beer to as many people as possible. Its hard work, with a minimum staff, and made that little bit harder by the need to adapt to new social distancing measures.

But our tribulations are nothing compared to the astonishing bravery being exhibited by those working in the NHS and other frontline services.

We can only say thank you to everyone who is out there right now saving lives and putting themselves in harms way to do so.

If you are an NHS staff member, please do use the below form to access a 10% discount on all your future orders, certainly for the duration of this crisis.

Please stay safe. Isolate for Victory!

Caron, Des and all of us at Padstow Brewing Co.

NHS Discount Application

We'd like to say thank you to all our fantastic NHS staff during this difficult time. Please sign up below for your 10% code to be used on all future purchases. We aim to send you your code within the next 24 hours.